Things To Do Before Baby Number Two

It hit me today how fast this pregnancy is going!  In four weeks, I’ll have my next prenatal appointment, and I will be 19 weeks pregnant.  That’s about halfway!  Big sister came at 38 weeks, and this baby will come sometime around week 39 (for a planned second c-section).

We’ll reach the halfway point in September, then Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here, and after that, we’ll have 6 weeks until the baby comes!

And I’ve got way too much to do!

Here’s my list.  When I offered to read it to my husband, he groaned, but said yes, he’d listen to the list, since he knows it will make me feel better to share it with him.  He gets me.  He really gets me.  =)

It mainly consists of redecorating rooms, as well as scrapbooking and sewing that I know I’ll never get around to once I’m a mom of two.

We have a three bedroom house, and one of the bedrooms has a door connecting it to the master bedroom.  This makes it a perfect nursery, so that I don’t have to trek across the house in the wee hours of the morning to check on a baby.  It’s really been wonderful.  But now that we’re expecting baby #2, we’ll need to make the guest room a toddler bedroom, so there’s quite a bit of work to be done.  And the list gets longer if baby #2 is a boy.  Our baby bedding is pink, pink, and pink, so we’ll have to redo the bedding and some other aspects of the nursery if this one is a boy.

Most of the work consists of painting furniture, buying and hanging curtains, and getting a headboard for the bed.  My husband has some minor work he’s doing on a chest of drawers we acquired from friends, but it’s not much of a job at all.  I’ll wait until it’s a bit cooler to start sanding and painting furniture, but I don’t want to wait too long!  We have a small table and chairs that are made for a toddler, but I’m not a fan of the 1970s look they have.  So inspired by the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, I’m going to paint the table white and the chairs will each be painted a different pastel color.

Item #1 was scratched off the list this weekend.  We bought bedding for Isabelle’s “big girl bed” on a whim Friday night.  I was shopping for a housewarming gift on Friday when I stumbled across bedding that I absolutely love.  It was an incredible price, and very much my style.  It also fits with the cottage feel of our home.   So we went back to the store on Friday to pick up the bedding, which my husband loves too.
We’ll keep our toddler in the crib for a bit longer.  The guest room is also where I store my scrapbooking and sewing gear, so I have lots to do in the room before it’s ready for a toddler.  She is in love with my sewing machine and takes any opportunity to play with it.  One of the items on my to do list is to create a sewing & scrapbooking nook in my bedroom.  I plan on refinishing furniture and completing the sewing nook so that it can be my birthday present in September.

Am I too ambitious or what?  Is anyone in the mood to do some sanding and painting with me??  =)




  1. Oh my gosh you sound just like I did when I was pregnant with Christian! His room used to be our guest/office and was painted brown…not good for baby boy or girl! His room went through an overhaul and I just about cried because I had such a hard time finding just the right dresser (at the right price, of course!). It all came together in the end, though. I remember having my mom keep Ella for a day so I could clean out the closet in that room. I was nuts, absolutely nuts about having everything PERFECT. Now I know how birds feel when they’re prepping their nests before they lay their eggs.

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