A Letter to My Nursing Toddler

I never thought I would nurse past a year.  But that was long before I had babies.  Now I understand…

a mom's view of the toddler nursing relationship

You squeal as I cradle you, because you know Mommy’s milk is coming.  I begin to feed you, and you flirt at me with your eyes.  Sometimes you finish quickly and try to crawl off to see what big brother or big sister are doing.  Other times, we just hang out, enjoying the time that is ours alone.

Today, we snuggle and nurse.  Afterwards, you clap for me and then dance, bouncing up and down in my lap, trying to make me laugh.  You babble at me, complete gibberish, expecting me to understand.  I do, you know.  I do understand and respond to your little babbles.

And I wonder “When was the last time I delighted in you, little boy?”

Between the doctor’s visit for your brother, who has croup, buying a week’s worth of groceries, the trip to the pharmacy, lunch, homeschool for big sister, and time spent with the other kids, when was the last time I just stopped to enjoy you, my little guy?

You demanded that I hold you on my hip at the doctor’s office, and I was happy to oblige, but did I take the time to admire your sweet dimples?  Did I stop to kiss that little downy head of yours?  Did we take the time to just make eyes at each other, finding joy in the company of each other?

No, I was busy.  And distracted.

But this time?  This time is ours.

The doctors say to keep nursing until 12 months, and after that, nurse “as long as is mutually desired.”  Well baby, it’s mutually desired.  You love the attention and I love the snuggles and the time together.

You may not need it quite as much as you did as a newborn, but I think we both still need this, the connection that we have.





  1. Thank you for the reminder!! I read this while breaks feeding . So many times I get caught up in looking at Facebook and catching up with Instagram or Pinterest and I’m missing out on his sweet face.

    • Oh, I’m so guilty of multi-tasking while nursing. It’s not always a bad thing, but I also have to make a concerted effort to pay attention to him and enjoy his snuggles. He won’t be this little forever!

  2. I love breastfeeding my toddler. He sings to me and giggles and is trying to say thank you. Makes the whole experience even more wonderful.

  3. This was so sweet. I feel the same way–baby #3 doesn’t get as much attention as I’d like, but that is our special time. Her two older brothers weaned themselves at around 9/10 months, so we’ll see how long this one lasts. I’d love to go over a year. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy these moments. 🙂
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  4. I am still nursing my 16 month old. I have no idea when I’ll wean. I’ve been asked by friends and family, but honestly, neither of us are ready to give it up. Keep it up momma!

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  5. {kathy} This is the best part of breastfeeding, isn’t it? I nursed all 4 of my mine. The last 3 nursed into their 3rd year. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s really quite cool. In fact, I have often said I don’t know how moms do 2-3 year olds WITHOUT having the resource of nursing. Congratulations on finding some of the best peace as a mom.
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    • I think it really is the best part because there’s no concern about any of it. It’s laid back and easy-going for all of us, and easy-going isn’t exactly my middle name. So it’s good for this momma, that’s for sure.

  6. I love nursing past a year too. When I was first pregnant a friend mentioned nursing 2 years and I scoffed. Planning to do it again with my second. In fact, I asked my husband to take our toddler to work with him today so I could relish on my little guy. So blessed to have a man who did it and the time to enjoy my baby in quiet peace.
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    • That’s sweet, and what a privilege that he can take your older one with him. That wouldn’t fly in my husband’s office! Like you, I never planned on nursing past a year until I had my first. And on her birthday, I realized that there was no magic at this date. There was no need to wean just because she was one day older than she was yesterday. So we kept on. Enjoy your newest baby!

  7. Beautiful, Gabby! Nursing is such a special time. I too am thankful for the time it allows with Spencer. I know I don’t slow down and just enjoy him near as much as I did Kenna when she was that age and the only one.
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  8. I enjoyed bf my first and I’m enjoying this time with my 2nd. It’s a privilege to bf and to have such a close connection with my babes. That time is SO precious. Everything stops and it’s just me and my baby 🙂 Happy to read your post and how much you are sharing with your little one.
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  2. […] favorite post this week has been A Letter to My Nursing Toddler.  I wrote it in about 5 minutes many months ago, but I just wasn’t comfortable sharing it. […]

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